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Third Eye

Skills Used

Hardware: Kinect Sensor for Windows

Software: Ubuntu OS, Open CV, Code::Blocks , Visual Studio for C++ programming


My Role: I worked on human movement tracking and directional microphone-based tracking on the project.

Aim: Team project for creating an electronic device that will help Visually impaired or a Blind Person in navigation.

Design: Salient features of the project-

  • ​Face detection, tracking and person identity detection​

  • Face tagging and storing new person’s face

  • Optical character recognition and text to speech conversion

  • Motion detection, tracking and tagging

Motion detection and tracking: I have used a Kinect sensor for this project. It provides raw color image frames from the RGB camera, depth image frames from the depth camera, and audio data from the microphone array to the SDK. Six people can be tracked, including two whole skeletons. The sensor has an RGB (red-green-blue) camera for color video, and an infrared emitter and camera that measure depth.

Kinect sensor for Windows specifications
Teammate measuring depth using infrared emitter
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