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As a Master's in Design student at UC Berkeley, with a focus on innovation and emerging technology, I am a driven designer, engineer, and innovator with a background in Electronics and Communication Engineering and professional experience as a Senior Chip Design Engineer at NXP Semiconductors.

As a multifaceted individual, I believe in balancing my professional pursuits with my personal passions. When not designing, I channel my creativity through the melodies of the piano, the thrill of exploring offbeat places and the joy of playing outdoor sports.

I believe that design is not just about creating beautiful or functional objects, but about using empathy and storytelling to understand the needs and experiences of the people who will use them. I am excited to bring my unique blend of technical expertise, design thinking, and business acumen to organizations dedicated to driving innovation in a dynamic and challenging environment. So, let's make some magic happen together!

My interests: HCI, Tangible User Interface, Speculative Design, Physical Prototyping, Hardware Design, 3D Modelling and UX.
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