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Startup Weekend Organizer, 2017 - Powered by Techstars Google
My Role: Organizer for Startup Weekend Ahmedabad, 2017

Startup Weekend Aim: Startup Weekend is an intensive 54-hour event where individuals with a passion for innovation, design and business development come together to ideate, validate and launch a startup in a single weekend. With guidance from industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, participants have the opportunity to build a minimum viable product, form a team and gain valuable insights on fundraising.


Startup Weekend provides a platform for solutions for all of the following:

  • You want to startup your venture but want co-founders or potential team members

  • You have an impactful idea but don’t know its validation, and can’t build it alone

  • Want to start but don't have an idea to work on

  • Want to learn how will you raise funds

  • If you want to start but don't know it all

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