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Recyclable Paper Pallets

My Role: Design, execution of paper pallets. Ventured on a new idea with my father in lockdown to promote eco-friendly pallets.

Traditional Pallets: Traditionally, Pallets made of wood are extensively used to stack, store, protect and transport materials. They are usually handled using forklift or jacks.


Recyclable Paper pallets and its challenges: 200,000,000 trees are cut annually for the production of wooden pallets. And they are expensive too. Thus the idea for Recyclable Paper Pallets. But having a strength of carrying load till 6000 kgs like the wooden pallets, and their resistance towards water and oil was a big challenge.

Market Research: Conducting a customer survey about their requirements for a pallet, we came up with the projection graph. We took the help of the Peerless Research Group for this.


Our Design Approach: Our first design of the paper pallet was based on the honeycomb structure of paper sheets. On customer feedbacks, we improvised our structure with GSM changes, non-honeycomb structured paper mesh with vertical cylinders to provide strength. We applied coatings to protect it from water, hydrophilic substances and oil.

MVP: Version 1
  • Strength: Carrying capacity up to 3000 kgs
    Technology used: Corrugation honeycomb structure
  • Water-resistance
    Technology used: Hydrophobic coating
  • Mobility: Only forklifts could lift it
    Technology used: 2-way
  • Cost: Expensive because of inefficient technology
Measure & Learn
 Parameters for measuring feedback
  • Strength
  • Size and shape
  • Mobility
  • Cost
 Learnings from V1                                    
  • Strength: Carrying capacity varies from 300 to 6000 kgs
    Technology used: Corrugation honeycomb structure
  • Resistance required to hydrophilic fluids
  • Mobility: Multiple changes required to improve the leg's hold onto the pallet
  • The concept of 2nd hand pallets
  • Strapping and bolting of pallets required to support heavy goods
MVP: Version 2
  • Strength customizations
    Technology used: GSM changes, non-honeycomb structures paper mash construction
  • Resistance to both oil and water
    Technology used: Hydrophobic and hydrophilic chemicals coated
  • Mobility: Rope-pulled, forklifted, pallet-jacked
    Technology used: Vertical cylinders, glue-less groves created
  • Cost: Economical because of effective technology

Business Model: Since this is a company confidential, for full pitch deck and business model of this idea, please get in touch with me on my e-mail:

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