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Internship at Tag8 startup

The endeavor to 'Make Finding Smarter' drives the philosophy at tag8. The solutions facilitate the finding and return of misplaced or lost valuables. 
Working in a startup, helped me explore different areas of a product. I had to interact with clients, understand their problems, design a viable solution and answer customer queries. This gave me the added benefit of interaction with users.



Understanding Beacon Technology, Low Power Bluetooth

Integration of beacon with Raspberry pi

My Role:

I had to develop a tech demo station for various products we can develop using the latest BLE Beacon technology:
1. Demo on using Beacon for separation alarm or configurable alert range in tracking any valuable items. All the notifications are sent to the registered mobile through the Tag8 app

2. Demo on Automated Car parking system using Beacon. The parking area gate was automated using a Raspberry pi microcontroller which was then integrated with beacons

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