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Hand Gestured Bot

Initial Prototype of Hand Gestured Bot

Skills Used

Hardware designing with MPU6050 (Gyroscope and Accelerometer), L239D, ATmega328p
Software coding on the Arduino Platform

My Role: Solo project

My Inspiration: During my time serving for You-Need NGO, I surveyed physically challenged people who use wheelchairs for mobility. 95 % of them chose hand gestured wheelchairs over normal wheelchairs. Even though wheelchairs nowadays come with a joystick, people found it easy to navigate a wheelchair towards them using hand gestures when they were sitting at a different place. I also served as a volunteer in Special Olympics held in 2017 at my college, Nirma University. Playing with the special kids made me realize the need for an affordable gesture-controlled wheelchair.

Design: An accelerometer is used as a sensor that gives an analog signal on its movement in any of the 6 axis directions, that is positive X-axis, negative X-axis, positive Y-axis, negative Y-axis, positive Z-axis, negative Z-axis. In this project, we have considered the X and Y axis for the direction. We later optimized the design with the addition of a gyroscope for continuous hand gesture recognition. Further, the input from the sensor is given to the encoder which sends the data wirelessly through the transmitter, then the data is received at the receiver end and the sensor data is decoded and finally given to the microcontroller.

More updates on the final implementation of this model in hand-gestured wheelchair coming soon!

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